Du principe anthropique
à l'homme



Dr Jean-Bruno MERIC
French Psychiatrist


  • Islam is submission to God and to his moral law (the sharia), it is in particular the submission of women to stereotypes, prostrating (sujood) during the ritual prayer–borrowed from the Persians–is the main sign of it
  • Islamism is submission of all the folks to the true faith, paradoxically the conquest without the means, buying weapons instead of manufacturing them (Iran excepted), Islamism is islamicide
  • Deradicalization is the fact of bringing back into the way of secularism young people, indecisive or repentant, teenagers in crisis, mentally sick people, women back from combat zones (like Syria) with or without children
  • It is the opposite of Islamist radicalization, based on the sharia and propaganda, growing on the compost of desocialization, its privileged places are poor quarters, family, internet, mosques or prisons
  • Radicalization is a process of social compensation for despair and humiliation, and should not be mixed up with terrorism, but it can lead to it, it is the “root” of Jihadism, which came to occupy the vacant space left by the failure of communist utopia
  • It includes a religious, territorial demand for recognition which leads to an initiatory trip towards a combat zone of the Islamic State (Syria, Iraq, Libya) and not towards a pilgrimage to Mecca.


  • An official assessment ­ based on reports to the National center for assistance and prevention of radicalization—established in January 2016—mentions that there are 8250 radicalized individuals in France compared to 4015 in March 2015, that is to say more than a doubling in less than a year, not mentioning the 1150 radicalized persons currently in custody and the 505 (50 of whom are women) who are already in jail for terrorism-related offenses
  • As far as distribution is concerned, we will especially mention the Mediterranean arch (South of France from Italy to Spain), the region around Lyon, the region around Paris and the North of France, involved in the Franco-Belgian channel
  • Seriousness comes from the 6435 people killed since 1970 in Western Europe, from the number of recent fatalities in France, in Belgium, in Germany, in Britain and in Spain (17 in Paris from 7th to 9th January 2015, 130 in Paris again on November 13th 2015, 32 in Brussels on March 22nd 2016, 86 in Nice on July 14th 2016, the Bastille Day in France, 12 in Berlin on December 19th 2016, 34 in London and Manchester on March 22nd, May 22nd 2017 and June 3rd, 16 in Barcelona on August 17th 2017) and the numerous people injured physically or mentally (6,000 patients were taken in charge by the Medical-Psychological Emergency Units in Ile-de-France after the Nov. 13th’s terrorist attacks)
  • Starting from the Nice’s attack it can be noted an evolution of the attackers, from the warrior who is trained in the Middle-East and fitted with firearm and explosive to a sedentary civilian who is only equipped with a cold arm and/or a ram raid, one slides from commando operations into a beginning civil war
  • Seriousness also comes from the 606 French committed in the field in Syria (land of Jihad), including 223 women and 18 fighting minors, and from the 167 presumably dead on the spot, including about 10 in the course of suicide operations


More than 8000 reports for radicalizing since the initiation of the anti-jihad platform

Radicalization in Ile-de-France

Terrorism casualties in Western Europe


History of radicalization

  • In the 1st century, in Palestine, the Zealots—or Sicarios—spread terror by cutting the throats of the Romans or the collaborator Jews among the crowd, on the markets, and will end up committing suicide simultaneously in Massada
  • The sect of the « assassins » in the 11th century takes its name from the hashish they consumed before acting out (the Jihadists today would rather consume fenethylline)
  • The International Brigades during the civil war in Spain
  • The Japanese Kamikazes who carried out suicide missions against American Navy during the Pacific War (battle of Okinawa in April 1945)
  • The Red Brigades (Italy), the Baader Meinhof Complex (Germany), Direct Action (France), the Irish Republican Army (Ireland), Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Spain), the Black Panthers (USA)
  • Jihadism with Ben Laden (Al-Qaeda), Al-Baghdadi (Islamic State), Belmokhtar (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb)

Signs of Islamic radicalization

  • At the convert’s : It is a young Christian who does not eat pork any more   (omnipresent in our food), does not drink alcohol any more, does not celebrate Christmas any more, goes out with Muslim friends, learns Arabic and takes a nickname, reads the Quran, does the prayer and studies chemistry
  • At the converted girl’s: Either it is a young girl who does not listen to music (or gets drunk with anasheed = propaganda songs), doesn’t put make up any more, gets dressed in a too modest way, wears a scarf or a veil (hijab), does not go swimming any more, rejects her family and the western way of life; Or it is a disillusioned, divorced adult woman, who is converted in order to marry a Muslim
  • At the Muslim’s: It is a man who applies the sharia in a sudden and restrictive way, does not consume cannabis or alcohol any more, does not go to nightclub or to soccer stadium any more, subscribes to the Dabiq Magazine published by al-Hayat Media, communicates by encrypted messages on Telegram, attends a Salafist mosque, wears a skullcap and prays, lets his beard grow, veils his wife if he is married, does not touch women any more if he works as a caregiver (nurse, physician), eats alone with his son(s), forbids his children to draw living forms, gives her daughter a “Lapi’doux” faceless puppet, makes trips to the Middle East, is NOT Charlie, spits on the symbols of Republic, calls the French infidels (kouffar) or intolerant seculars
  • At the Muslim woman’s : It is often a slightly overweight young woman (oral vs sexual permissiveness) who decides to wear a full-body veil (niqab), doesn’t have a public bath any more or has one in a burqini, assaults women in bathing suits or in shorts, wants to get married with a sexually fantasized heroic fighter and gets ready to bring up alone her children when she is a widow


Different types of veils: desire’s monoclonal antibodies


Religious influence of the veil

  • Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat reminds the mechanisms of influence and alienation of radical Islam that make veiling a constrained choice from the beginning, because the alternative is set in terms of decency of the veil, sometimes used in combination with jilbab (long black dress) and generally with “modest fashion”, in front of the indecency of the no-veil, often used in combination with the wearing of short skirt or leggings (“sister” or “whore”)
  • The frequent age difference between the partners of the Muslim couple, whose man can purchase a maid in the bled, sexually explains the wearing of the veil which is more clearly visible than a wedding ring and means the grip of a man who often is the age of the bride’s father, thus with a declining sexual potency, hence the need for remind the ban and erase outdoors the shape of a desirable body (sexual slave rather than faithful ally)
  • If you add oral permissiveness, which often leads to obesity, it can be seen that radical Islam literally creates undesirable women, true sexual cornerstone of islamophobia, at the opposite the young unveiled female migrants keep desirable, are not rejected and easily settle in
  • Decency is a relative concept: it is external in West (partial nudity) and in Middle East (nudity zero), internal in Far East (laugh and gesticulation prohibited)
  • Virgin Mary was veiled as appropriate to a Palestinian lady two thousand years ago, the nuns take the veil when they take holy orders, the Fifties’ West women still wore in the street a scarf or a foulard over their heads, the nurses and the stewardesses a cap, the hat veil still is a fashion accessory
  • Islamic veil is a language of deprivation of liberty: it means from an early age that the woman is engaged, sold or married and should not be coveted
  • In 2019, a Tehran’s court sentenced to 33 years in prison and 138 lashes for solicitation into prostitution and fornication a female lawyer who advocated Iranian women who defy the morality police by carrying high their veils at the top of a stick, while Decathlon in France dared to offer a sport hijab for sale

Psychosociopathology of the veil

  • Religious puritanism, of whatever origin, represses the source of the desire of man, by which woman is regarded as a tempting daemon who must be screened from his observation, except for reproduction purposes, veils the woman as it would erect a dam against the urge to see ot to be seen, enslaves woman and goes as far as to charge her in case of rape without veil (inversion of the onus) which becomes a kind of offense of soliciting into fornication or of incitement to indecency, is confusing decency with prudery: then permissiveness is only oral and the veil is often hiding generous curves
  • The modern or atheistic liberalism represses or penalizes the man who gives in to his impulse, stigmatizes low frustration tolerance, unveils woman up to the nudity or more finely by suggesting it, values her as an object of desire and as a desiring subject, allows her to play a cultural and economical role (seduction, dressmaking, fashion, erotism), permissiveness is no longer oral (obsession with being thin, vertical banded gastroplasty) but sexual, this is what is discreetly called the Clash of Civilizations
  • Libertinism represses nothing at all and relegates the woman to a mere sexual object (prostitution, pornography, deviances, fetishism, swinging, voyeurism, candaulism), it is tolerated in the name of freedom in the West, because of its implicit polygamy it is close to the one which is authorized by Islam (sura 4, verse 3), which was justified by the mortality during the razzias but which today brings an imbalance in society, and fits with the polygamy of some large mammals (lion, deer, gorilla) without the justification of natural selection


Beach volley: the Clash of Civilizations

Medical certificate of radicalization

  • The undersigned declares having examined on… at… h Mr. or Miss So-and-so, aged…, in the presence of…, who according to himself/herself or his/her family, would be victim of Islamic radicalization.
  • The radicalizing person or his family adds that the radicalizing agent would be (select: relative, Imam, internet, connection). He or she shows evocative signs of radicalization (select): phobia of pork, phobia of music, phobia of any toxics (alcohol, cannabis), phobia of representation (faces, caricatures), long beard mania, ritualization of everyday life, religious compulsions, proselytism, obsession for weapons, misogyny, extreme decency, full veil, plot-like talking), with or without dangerousness for him/herself (suicidal ideas) or for the others (threats of homicide)
  • This state of health needs psychiatric care with or without his/her consent and isolation from pathogenic environment with or without exit ban of the territory
  • Medical certificate established at the request of the patient or his legal representative and delivered in person
  • If the patient is off age or absent, advise the relatives to report to the National center for assistance and prevention of radicalization


French legislation (1)

  • Circular of March 2nd, 2011, concerning the implementation of the law of October 10th, 2010 forbidding the concealment of faces in public places , but 653 out of 661 fines given from March 2011 to July 2013 (up to $168) were paid by the Franco-Algerian Rachid Nekkaz
  • By a judgment of November 26th, 2015 the European court of human rights considers that prohibition of the veil in public service is not contrary to article 9 of the European convention on human rights
  • The law of November 13th, 2014 reinforcing the arrangements about the struggle against terrorism sets up the legal exit prohibition, reinforces the repression of apologia of terrorism, makes possible the locking out of internet sites in foreign servers
  • The intelligence law of July 24th, 2015 allows intelligence technology outside of the judicial framework: beepers under cars, hidden microphones and cameras in private areas, IMSI catchers, automatic ISP metadata analysis to detect suspicious behaviors
  • The state of emergency enacted by the president of the Republic in the night from November 13th to 14th 2015 gives to the administrative authority the power of preventing new attacks by searching and seizing arms without passing through the judicial authority
  • The law of June 3rd, 2016 allows to give a compulsory order of residence for one month to all the persons back from Syria, then to set up an administrative oversight, and extends the resort to night house searches and to listening techniques
  • The law of July 21st, 2016 extends the state of emergency to 6 months, allows the seizure of computer data, increases the length of detention and suppresses the reduced sentences, expects the High Council of Audiovisual to work out a code of conduct (particularly by no longer publishing the names of the terrorists)


French legislation (2)

  • The antiterrorist law replaces the state of emergency on November 1st, 2017: it strengthens the power of the administrative authority (prefects) in order to assign someone inside a perimeter (and not to house arrest), to shut a cult place or to make identity checks, but not to search a place
  • The Prime Minister involved psychiatrists on February 23rd, 2018 in the prevention of radicalization prefecture units (Measure 38 in the national action plan) and confirmed on July 13th, 2018 the future creation of antiterrorist national Prosecution in lieu of the Paris Prosecution Section that dealt with so far
  • On October 2019, the French government heralds the attachment of the Interdepartmental mission of vigilance and combat against sectarian aberrations to the Interdepartmental committee of prevention of delinquency and radicalization, that reduces radical Islam to a mere sectarian aberration
  • The French Prime minister decides the suppression on the end of 2020 of the National Institute of the Justice high studies—public establishment in charge of the management training about the national domestic security problems—whereas some radicalized public servants are infiltrated up to the Paris Police Prefecture (Harpon’s terrorist attack on Oct. 3th, 2019)


A fake mobile tower to identify IMSI and intercept mobile phone traffic

The 4 phases of radicalization

  • When it is not directly physical, it is done virtually (web jihad) via social networks (Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube) and it makes up for a lack of identity rather than a want for religion
  • Approach phase: It consists in enticing the young web user by denouncing lies and scandals of the consumer society (teenagers cannot bear injustice), spotting his tastes through his “likes” and amplifying the hype by the use of algorithms
  • Nota Bene: NSA uses such a machine learning algorithm (Skynet program) to target many terrorists through, for example, the analysis of 80 variables on 55 million Pakistani phone users (0.008% false positive rate) which led to hundreds of Predator drone strikes , killing up to 4,000 people in Pakistan and 3,000 in Afghanistan
  • Phase of deconstruction: the “friends” on Facebook and the “brothers” on Tweeter present Islam as the only resort against evil, use an Arabicized new language, forbid consumption of pork and alcohol in order to enter the community (the “family”)
  • Reconstruction phase: it rewrites the beliefs of the person via indoctrination of propaganda videos on YouTube
  • Reinforcement phase: it maintains the hold over the recruited individual, keeps an eye on him, provides answers to the criticism from his relatives


“They have spoken to me on Facebook”

6 factors = high threat of terrorism (middle of the spectrum)

  • 1 - The radicalized person declares he is not afraid for his own life
  • 2 - His violence already occurs in his family (on his sisters or his wife) or in society (antisocial reactions)
  • 3 - The radicalized is verbally violent with those he calls “kouffars” (infidels), especially women and homosexuals
  • 4 - He has already been physically violent with a non-veiled Muslim woman or a female teacher, or seduced an isolated Christian woman he has converted to Islam
  • 5 - He threatens to kill a “kafir” or a non-veiled Muslim woman or to commit suicide
  • 6 - The frequency and the gravity of his violent deeds increase.
  • 7 - He has already been in jail for offences, terrorists or not
  • 8 - The radicalized takes amphetamines (fenethylline)
  • 9 - He has known that his family or a neighbor had reported him by calling the toll-free number
  • 10 - The radicalized has announced his leaving for Turkey or for a combat zone of the caliphate (“hijra”)
  • 11 - There are firearms in his car or in his flat, he carries with him or collects cold weapons


Who becomes a terrorist?


12 factors = absolute threat of terrorism (upper end of the spectrum)

  • 12 - He makes the apology of the deceased terrorists that he calls martyrs (“chahid”)
  • 13 - He has already killed a domestic animal or cut the throat of a sheep
  • 14 – He preached passionately—if it is an imam—included in front of Christians or an intelligence officer, he advocates communitarianism or multiculturalism (vs integration or assimilation)
  • 15 – He or she claims aggressively the veiling, he wears ostentatiously outward signs of his religion
  • 16 – He gathered around him a religious fundamentalists family-or-not network without stating the true objective at the prefecture (taqiya), that is to prevent the integration of the Muslims on the French territory
  • 17 – He required permission to create a disproportionate mosque in an unlikely place and to invest in a Quran school and a halal butchery, he drives Muslims out of the pubs (Sharia police)
  • 18 – He receives hidden external financing (taqiya) from Muslim Brotherhood in order to purchase and restore his own housing, a big structure (future mosque) and buildings (to accommodate his network)


The failures of the French administration

  • On June 15th and 29th, 2011, thus long before the March 11th, 15th and 19th, 2012’s terrorist attacks, the regional direction of the Central Direction of Domestic Intelligence (CDDI) of Toulouse (Mr Balle-Andui) cascades up to the central direction (Mr Squarcini) a pre-charge request on Merah, but Paris never responded and will even insist on assigning the attacks to the far-right
  • On June 19th, 2017, Djaziri races on a van of the mobile gendarmerie on the Champs-Élysées in Paris with his own car loaded with a gas bottle, a Kalashnikov, two hand guns and a large stock of munitions, he is member of a gun club since 2011, he got a S form in 2015 but his firearms license—for two 9 mm pistols and a 7.62 caliber carbine—will be renewed in February, 2017 by the prefecture of Evry (Essonne)
  • On January 5th, 2018, the public prosecutor’s department of Paris opens a preliminary inquiry for “forgery and use of forged documents” and appoints the General Inspection of the National Police (GINP), because the Direction of Intelligence of the Police Prefecture (DIPP) of Paris—according to Mediapart (a French online media)—would have postdated a “Terrorism Management” form and a note blanche redacted on July 21st, 2016 by a brigadier of the Computing and Process Group (CPG) due to the interception on Telegram of an explicit message from Kermiche (then subject to judicial oversight and wearing an electronic bracelet), thus before he cuts father Hamel’s throat on July 26th, 2016, and not transmitted in time to GDIS



  • Religious hope replaces revolutionary hope and the Prophet’s beard replaces Fidel Castro’s, especially since Raoul Castro received Obama and threw Che into the bin of history
  • Islamism is the only present force which, since 2001, challenges the hegemony of western capitalism and of the Great American Satan, after the general decline of communism and the end of USSR—fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and jihad has become (beside the black blocks) a new counter-culture—the most bad-ass way of going against society
  • Volunteers from all countries and all religions (20 to 25% converts) join real International Brigades for Syria against Al-Assad, by comparison with the Spanish Civil War against Franco
  • They fly into assistance of their “brothers” Sunni Muslims, instead of their “comrades” Spanish Republicans
  • They shift the myth of the Semitic hero (David and Goliath, Judith and Holofernes) to the sling of the Palestinian and the Jihadist cutting a prisoner’s throat
  • The debate between sociologists is vain: the islamization of radicality (Roy) and the radicalization of Islam (Kepel, Daoud) are combined

Judith beheading Holofernes (Caravage, 1598)


Taxonomy : one find there some…

  • Impressionable mildly retarded people who generally end up with a bomb belt
  • Affective egocentrics (hysterics) wishing to be loved by one-fifth of humanity, to draw attention at any price (the full veil is then the equivalent of anorexia nervosa) or to get dramatized in media by their atrocious and spectacular acting out (martyrs)
  • Narcissistic egocentrics frustrated by their social marginalization, feeling persecuted by a discriminating society, crazy with the compensatory power given by weapons in the name of Allah: passionate idealist, fanatic megalomaniac, combat paranoiac
  • Perverted psychopaths (throat-cutter, rapist, Kalashnikov shooter), often dangerous offenders keen on extreme violence, who find redemption in religion and/or find in it a justification for their sadism (sublimation of the death drive)
  • Note: Although the Muslims represent 9% of the French population, they represent 60% of the prison population, a rate which even exceeds the overrepresentation of the Black in American prisons, which reinforces their feeling of persecution
  • Introvert Schizoids surprising their family circle between 16 to 20 by a sudden commitment (“We did not expect anything”)
  • Rigid obsessives who need to observe a hard and ruthless rule in a decadent world and wishing to impose it to the whole world (proselytism): This is still one of the fundamental differences between Sharia and Halakha (Jewish Law), only intended for Jews although the Sharia also applies to the non-Muslims (Dhimmis)
  • Passionate idealists and suggestible hysterics are recruited (and often converted) on the social networks, extreme violent psychopaths are recruited in jail


Blood, sex and sun

  • The young jihadist is first attracted by the smell of blood, that of others which will flow all the easier if most of his victims are unarmed
  • He is a sadist sex maniac who is attracted by polygamy: reproductive female, sex slaves (most of them Yezidi), women that you rape with your cock or, in case of sexual failure, with the barrel of your gun (that ejaculates the death)
  • He is a frustrated tourist who still never boarded a plane to a hot and exotic spot

The emblematic paranoia’s case

  • The perpetrators often suffer from persecutory delusion with a designated persecutor (French State), that makes them particularly dangerous because the persecuted then becomes persecutor
  • Those who apologize for terrorism also suffer from persecutory delusion, but their acting out is only verbal
  • Persecutory delusion can be a delusion for two or more (often a family delusion), like this one of Abdelkader and Mohammed Merah (and female collaterals) in Toulouse


Islam ‘therapy’

  • A lot of young people want to enter radical Islam because they are looking for a ‘containment’ to a wild consumption of alcohol or drugs (Dounia Bouzar)
  • The effect of ‘containment’ of the radical speech, after the failure of the school, police or judicial containment, is the great discovery of the Salafists, thoroughly exploited by ISIS, on a ground often fertilized by a missing father: unknown, missing, imprisoned, deceased, too old, disabled, colorless…
  • NB: In France, ground of liberty, especially since the reject in 1968 of the authority of the “3 P” (le père, le professeur et le patron = the father, the teacher and the boss), boosted by the maladjustment of the elders to the computer revolution, the declining religious attendance and the end of military service, 4 lines of ‘containment’ have faded or disappeared (the authority of the father, of the schoolmaster, of the pastor and of the warrant officer), the radical imam stepped into the breach, the prosecutor, the policeman and the psychiatrist (the “3 last P”) are finding themselves in the front line
  • The cocktail is very functional: a dose of Salafism in jail to ease withdrawal (to compare with the Christian faith met by the American novelist Leslie Jamison while getting sober : “I needed to believe in something stronger than my willpower”), another dose after jail to ensure aftercare
  • The price to pay for definitive healing is exorbitant: Then comes “the idea of dying while killing, in order to exist” Dounia Bouzar says, in front of the surveillance cameras (we can guess their pernicious effect), those of television and those of smart phones


Psychopathology  of the suicide bomber

  • Because he is young, silly, inexperienced, naive, suggestible and easily influenced, they manipulate him by making him believe in a reward after death (70 virgins)
  • He does not love himself, but wants to be loved, loves the cause more than himself or loves the heroic character (the “overmuslim” of Benslama) he will become after the attack and his own sacrifice, he enjoys his immediate fame (on the social networks) and posthumous’s
  • Sartre did not get wrong when he described in 1939 the syndrome of Erostratus who had burnt down the temple of Artemis in 356 BC and whom the Ephesians had banished to “eternal oblivion of his name”
  • He is suicidal and his mood disorder is exploited to make a martyr (“chahid”) of him
  • He is fascinated by a charismatic figure (“mahram” or guardian, image of the ideal father) to whom he submits himself to until death, that evokes the obedience to authority experience led in 1960 by the social psychologist Milgram at Yale University

Patterns of defense

  • From the terrorist : the “taqiya”, a practice of Islam aiming at hiding voluntarily his faith not to arouse suspicion or making people believe in his repentance, which more generally allows the Muslims to lie to unbelievers (Coran 16:106), however it can be circumvented by the checklist of slides 19 et 21, which requires unconcealed criteria, because they are old (> 2 years) or insignificant for the terrorist as well as for the police, and reminds of the method used by Ebstein (The true story of Gabriel Michael Santorum) to elucidate the mystery of the “Iron Mask” (what is downstream is a State secret, what is upstream cannot be masked and leads to the solution)
  • From the terrorist’s mother: his son has never done that, he has been well-bred, he is a good boy since he eats halal food
  • From the families: the theory of the staging by the secret services (CIA, Mossad), of the Zionist plot or of the new crusade, the victimization, the denial, the accusations of racism, discrimination, islamophobia, extreme secularism, neo-colonialism
  • From the leftists: the post-colonial repentance and the alliance with Islam (for lack of Soviets) by simplistic anti-Occidentalism
  • They are psychotic or psychopathic patterns of defense (in any case non-neurotic) ignoring empathy, self-criticism and guilt
  • In the Anglo-Saxon world, multiculturalism (vs assimilation) promotes these patterns of defense and leads to other social deviances: Koranic school, Sharia court, Sharia police


Multiculturalism versus assimilation

The defense of the Christian world: ”another conspiracy theory

  • It started by conquering the Vatican in Rome: election in March 2013, after only 24 hours of deliberations, of an outsider—Pope Francis— the 266th Pope and the first coming from the Society of Jesus (these are grave times)
  • It went on in France (Church’s elder daughter) with the May, 2017 election, thanks to the votes of the moderate Muslims, of Emmanuel Macron (former student at the Jesuit school of Amiens, like the former French principal minister Mazarin at the Jesuit school of Rome) who drove up immediately the Champs Élysées in a military command car (warning to all radicalized, Islamist or not, remembering the 13 Vendémiaire’s Bonaparte) and that it is surprising often to see him with praying hands on the press photos
  • There was already counter-terrorism in France, there will be now counter-taqiya with the Jesuitism’s assumption of power
  • President Macron operates in a culture of secrecy, won’t meet the Pope (who pretended not to know the French contender in the plane that brought him back from Cairo in April, 2017), but will be directly targeted by Radical Islam which has now identified him as a mortal enemy
  • Bearing in mind that Emmanuel Macron was catapulted in two years only acting partner of the French bank led by David de Rothschild (Ashkenazi Jew), one could say that David has been his lucky star and that we come close to a Judeo-Jesuitical conspiracy theory against Radical Islam: it changes from the usual Judeo-Masonic and Judeo-Bolshevik conspiracies…

A praying President

The conspiracy theory  starts on September 11th, 2001

  • There was no Jew among the 2800 victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers ( although more than 300 Jews were listed) because the attack was not committed by Al-Qaeda, but by Mossad who benefits from the crime (cui prodest scelus is fecit ) and organized on 9-11 by the CIA for the Americans to remember the date by making the link with the emergency number (911)
  • The film of the attacks was shot in studio like the first steps of man on the Moon
  • The Twin Towers did not fall on their side because they had been blown up at the base by the CIA (failing to realize that the steel frame melted like a candle under the blazing fire and collapsed along the central axis)
  • The fall of the TWC7—the 3nd building that vertically collapsed—however is due to a controlled demolition, for it was not directly hit by the 2 planes
  • The attack of January 7th, 2015 against Charlie Hebdo in Paris was set up by the CIA and Mossad in order to discredit Islam
  • Not to mention that the Nazi extermination’s camps and the gas chambers never existed (Holocaust denial) and were invented by the Zionist propaganda or at worse were a point of detail in the history (historical revisionism)

The conspiracy theory:  philosophy or paranoia?

  • The conspiracy theory is an ideal step for radicalization: it becomes quickly viral by internet because of the followers’s big motivation and their paralogical reasoning, which is seducing by its apparent consistency and its simplicity
  • The mechanism is of an interpretative delusion, that is to say the inference from a true perception to a false conception
  • The conspiracy theorist do not believe to coincidences, expresses his doubts with a knowing air and ends all his sentences by “as if by chance”
  • The conspiracy theorist reveals to us the hidden but conscious and intentional causes which lead to felonies and crimes, while psychoanalyst (who also interprets) reveals to us the unconscious causes which lead to symptoms
  • The followers of this theory use a simplified monocausal explanation and a merely teleological causality, the aristotelian “final cause” (Physics) underpinned by the cui prodest (who or what benefits?): it superimposes the linear and efficient cause and organizes it, not only in the artificial productions (the manipulations of the secret services) but also in the natural productions (the vision becomes the cause of the eye and the human being that of the evolution)


The strategy of ISIS

  • The scenario has become tragically familiar: one (or more) mentally disturbed man, with a criminal past and former domestic violence, moves into the attack by swearing allegiance to ISIS, which claims responsibility for the attack; But behind these tactical invariants takes shape a strategy of ISIS which is not one of blind terror, but one of thought-out terror
  • Attacks aiming at splitting opinion: a satirical paper (not a great national daily newspaper), a hard-rock concert (not a great theater), a gay club in Orlando (not a heterosexual club), a manager or a policeman (not a worker or a doctor), which eventually saved the Tour de France (impossible to secure but not splitting enough)
  • Attacks aiming at provoking a Saint-Barthélémy (slaughter of French Protestants in 1572) followed by a religious war and an Edict of Fontainebleau (revocation of the freedom of worship by the King of France in 1685 followed by “Dragonnades” and massive emigration) taking advantage of a changing of President in 2017: assassination of a priest (to provoke the Catholics), attacks in Nice (to provoke the “Pieds-Noirs” = French people born in Algeria before independence), skirmishes on the beaches of Corbara and Sisco (to provoke the Corsican National Liberation Front)


Why Britain comes under attack?

  • It is not easy to smuggle military-grade assault weapons into an island nation, hence the low cost terrorist attacks in U.K. (with cars or knifes)
  • Theresa May has cut down the overall number of police officers by tens of thousands when she served as Home Secretary
  • An estimated 850 people from the U.K. have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight for Jihadist groups and about half of them have since returned to the country
  • Islam is Britain’s second largest religion with nearly 5% of the population, but lower than that in France (9%)
  • Multiculturalism (vs assimilation in France) is traditional in U.K. and leads to the rule of the niqab (even in the public area and the working place), to the Quran school and to the Sharia court in the Muslim boroughs
  • Urban areas like Manchester (only united on the soccer field), Birmingham, Luton are highly segregated, with some wards featuring Muslim populations of up to 85%
  • One of the Islamic State’s hall of famers—the executioner Mohammed Emwazi, known as “Jihadi John” and killed by a U.S. drone strike in 2015—was raised in London (that is to say in Londonistan)
  • British society is divided and British economy is weakened by the “hard Brexit”, which threatens not only the City but also the unity of the Kingdom (Scotexit?), ISIS aims to a whole collapse of the land and a civil war
  • In Britain, converts make up less than 4% of Muslims but 12% of home-grown Jihadists and 20% of Muslims convicted of terrorism-related offences (see chart on next slide)

Converts seem more willing to radicalize because of their double marginalization, by both bewildered non-Muslims friends and skeptical native Muslims, recruiters prize them because they are harder for intelligence services to trace and because the counter-terrorism policy does not focus on them, but rather on preventing extremism among immigrants or within established Muslim communities

Radicalization in prison

  • Signs evocative of radicalization are the sudden end to cannabis consumption, though its trafficking flourished in prison, and the wearing of beard
  • The signs of the grip relationship are the marriage in prison (wife provided by ISIS) with subsequent admission to close meetings and money orders send from outside, the perverts are being promised that they can torture an cut the throat of ISIS’ prisoners
  • On March 5th, 2019, a converted radicalized detainee (Michaël Chiolo) stabs with a ceramic knife two prison guards in Condé-sur-Sarthe, the weapon had been carried to him at the visiting room by his ISIS nominated wife (Hanane Aboulhana) who died during the assault


More beard, less weed


Means of deradicalizing

  • Oppose the leaving of the territory of a minor child by going to the police station or gendarmerie brigade
  • Report a disturbing situation which seems to threaten a close relation to the National Center of Assistance and of Prevention of Radicalization by phoning the toll-free number 0 800 005 696 or by using the internet form of stop-djihadisme.gouv.fr
  • As a caveat however: If “radicalization must not be mistaken for the practice of a rigorist Islam”, prevention becomes nearly impossible and gives free rein to repression
  • Require the Center of prevention, deradicalization and individual support (CPDIS) of Dounia Bouzar or the Preventing house for families (PHF), but this one calls on “quietist” Salafists (vs “pietistic”) for deradicalizing
  • Address a young person from 18 to 30 years old identified thanks to the toll-free number to a Center of reintegration and citizenship (the first one was been opened on Sept. 13, 2016 at Pontourny Castle in Touraine)
  • Put in a reintegration center the so-called penitents spotted by the GDIS: women back from Syria and men who have not been farther than Turkey (Ankara, Gaziantep), which would eliminate the S14 forms (combatants gone to bring Jihad on the theater of operations)
  • These centers offer a 10-month program of civic and professional rehabilitation with group therapy and critical analysis of propaganda messages and videos on internet
  • The center of Pontourny had to host 25 volunteers and 27 trainers, but he hosted only 9 whose none stayed more than 5 months and the last one was fired on Feb. 8, 2017 after being sentenced for abuses and apology for terrorism


“Deradicalization” in prison

  • From January to March 2016, 5 units dedicated to the radicalized prisoners are created in 4 French prisons
  • Psychologists and specialized educators in pairs offer there courses of geopolitics, support groups, individual interviews, and talks of repentant people
  • Two concerns: On one hand the “taqiya” enables them to dissimulate their terrorist intentions, on the other hand the grouping of prisoners with different levels of radicalization facilitates proselytism, or even creates de facto an ISIS recruiting center (via the influence relationship)
  • On September 4th, 2016, a prisoner from the Dedicated Unit (DU) in Osny prison grievously injures two prison wardens with a 20 cm long home-made knife, after months of “taqiya” in front of the psychologists : “For them, a guy like me who likes to talk is a rehabilitable man.”
  • On October 25th, 2016, the Minister of Justice (Mr. Urvoas) gives up the DU and creates radicalization evaluation areas (REA) aiming to value concealing and manipulative people—during 4 months and through 18 interviews with an educator and the psychologist of the prison service—before being spread (instead of being concentrated in the DU) in the French prisons or put in the areas for dangerous prisoners, to gather in complete isolation the most dangerous radicalized prisoners
  • On February 23rd, 2018, the Prime Minister (Mr. Philippe) unveils a radicalization prevention plan which rises the REA from 3 to 6 and, after evaluation, plans to put the radicalized prisoners not in common prison (to avoid their grip onto the others prisoners), but either in sealed areas, or in solitary confinement, or in a radicalization care area (RCA)
  • On July 13th, 2018 the Prime Minister announces the creation of a specific unit of 108 people amid the anti-terrorism fight coordination unit (ATFCU) in charge to point out, about the following of the 450 detainees due to be released before the end of 2019, whether the GDIS for the terrorists or the territorial intelligence central service (TICS) for the radicalized


The naïve method


The mothers’s involvement

  • Edit Schlaffer, an Austrian sociologist, devised the Mothers School in 2013, whose courses include subjects like Internet access monitoring , better communicating with teenagers and identifying signs of radicalization in children
  • When mothers are blind to the signs of radicalization, Mothers School can be an eye-opener and its attendees are proud to become graduates
  • Because they spend so much time with their children, mothers “are so strategically placed to serve as a buffer between radical influences and those who are targeted,” Schlaffer says
  • Mothers School first took place in Luton, a commuter town just north of London with a big potential for radicalization among its 50,000-strong Muslim population, and is funded by a UK government-backed program, Prevent, which is designed to combat radicalization
  • Mothers Schools are also taking place in Belgium, Austria, Macedonia, Germany and France

Du principe anthropique à l'homme

Jean Bruno MÉRIC