Du principe anthropique
à l'homme


Sense of direction on Moon and Mars and others biomimicry tools

Dr Jean-Bruno MERIC
French Psychiatrist


Coil + iron = electromagnet

  • By wrapping a coil around an iron core, we get an electromagnet and the magnetic effect of the coil has risen by a factor of a thousand
  • Evolution has been tinkering a natural electromagnet in the archipallium of brain by passing internal carotid and middle cerebral arteries and the lot of hemoglobin they carry through the low part of the Papez circuit, that is to say in electrotechnical terms a fluid iron core —smart, isn’t it?— around of it a Helmholtz coil is wrapping


A natural Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • The orientation of the Papez circuits and of the (mobile) body in anatomic position compared with the (stationary) terrestrial magnetic meridian can be measured according to the formula:

  • where a is the measure of the resulting field angle (of the terrestrial and inducted fields) et Bt is the value of the terrestrial magnetic field. It can be seen that, for already known values of the terrestrial magnetic field (Bt), of the Papez circuit radius (R) and of the number of axonal turns (N), the inducted current intensity in the circuit (I) and thus the sensibility of the brain device will vary according to the α angle made by the direction of the resulting field with the direction of the terrestrial field.

Lost on the Moon

  • On December 13th, 1972, Cernan runs 37 km in the regolith with his rover but at 18 km from the Lunar Excursion Module —he can’t see it at such a distance— has the unpleasant surprise of not finding his way to return, panics one moment and finally keeps calm by thinking to his daughter who probably takes the schoolbus at the same time on the Earth above him (interview on France 2 TV on July 2Oth, 2009)
  • In fact he neglected a detail, the absence of magnetic meridian on the Moon and thus the inability of his Papez circuits and his hippocampus to automatically calculate, as on Earth, the resultant of his moves compared with this meridian, thus the general direction he followed from the time he left the Module
  • He lost the emitter (terrestrial magnetic field) and found himself in the situation of an Alzheimer’s patient who, in his case, lost the receptor (hippocampus)
  • He will escape by following the tracks of his rover in the regolith, but the next Lunar or Marsian mission could have less chance and I would be full honored if I can save lives in the future thanks to this “Meric’s effect”, if it will be teached one day in astronautical medicine

A natural cloud computing (the offshore area)

  • Brodman could not see the area 53 for it is invisible, delocalized, out of the brain, but linked with it by the Helmholtz-Papez circuits that produce a bi-temporal magnetic field (this one that whitens the temples in old age)
  • The idea of an external field is not brand new because we already know that the nerve impulse is routed outside the insulating Schwann sheath by springing from a node of Ranvier to another, it may be noted in passing that the brain does not heat for there is no electric resistance of the conductor as with a conventional electric wire
  • This is an elegant solution, as the form of a magnetic cloud or cerebral magnetosphere, to the problem of storage of the episodic memory, that is without risk, as we will see below, thanks to the hippocampal UPS
  • An interesting extra function is linked to the open lines of force of the brain magnetic field, beyond 6 cerebral radii by analogy with the terrestrial magnetosphere, that would explore the time at the speed of the light (thanks to the time dilatation) and could be the cause of premonition, as a sort of unconscious time scout

A 18 hours spare battery in the hippocampus: why?

360° Gazer system and autoscopic hallucination

  • The Gazer camera system allowing a 360° panoramic view—as the one on board the Mercedes E-class—comprises 4 cameras and a processing unit which gathers their video flows in real time and features a bird-eye view of the car with no dead zone, as the visual cortex gathers the video flows of both eyes to allow a 180° stereoscopic vision
  • In the autoscopic hallucination described by the French psychiatrist Sollier in 1908, the patient sees his full body from outside where as either he should see a part of his body from inside, or he could see his full body through a mirror
  • Autoscopy is reported by the clinically dead patients after they are resurrected as described in the form of NDE by the American psychiatrist Moody (1977), it may be caused by the hacking of the brain magnetospheres of the reanimators (at least two) they are in open source because of the suspension of the magnetic print—that locked the field and prevent to access each other’s memories—of the resuscitated patient during the clinical death
  • Thus magnetic print should be in addition to finger print and genetic print to identify an individual


Du principe anthropique à l'homme

Jean Bruno MÉRIC